About Us


For over two decades, Sharon E. Clarke has been a pioneer within the fashion industry. A true creator and innovator, her innate understanding of luxe fashion coupled with masterful construction skills has made her indispensable to an elite client base.

Sharon touts quite an impressive background, spending several years working with iconic designers such as Tom Ford, Tommy Hilfiger, Chanel, Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana, Ralph Lauren, and Diane Von Furstenberg to name a few. From tailoring for former first lady Barbara Bush for a Vanity Fair magazine cover to touring with international Hip-Hop star Nicki Minaj as an assistant stylist, Sharon has worked with top talent in the fashion and entertainment industries.

Since her first solo exhibition of her luxury brand, SEC C, Sharon’s work has been seen around the streets of New York City, on the runway in London and countless other stages and venues in between. She is a master of her craft, and her unbridled passion and undeniable talent have elevated her to the top of her field.


Background & Early Life

Sharon E. Clarke was born and raised in Cambridge, Jamaica, West Indies. Her love affair with fashion began at the tender age of 8. Using freehand cutting and sewing techniques she made her first dress, exemplifying an innate talent for construction. Though Sharon was proud of her first design, she remembers being ridiculed for inserting a crooked zipper. This painful experience motivated her to perfect her skills. As a teenager, she became so proficient that she used her skills to alter clothing for a coterie of growing clients. In 1991, she migrated to the United States with the belief that she could parlay her small business into a much bigger success.

Propelled by word of mouth in New York City, Sharon’s entrepreneurial efforts sustained her. However, in late 1993, she was met with despair when the Bronx apartment building she lived in caught fire. She was forced to move with her young daughter into a Manhattan hotel. During her time there, she met a Jewish Holocaust survivor who hired her to make alterations to her wardrobe. The woman’s neighbor, Audrey Delapena was so impressed with Sharon’s work that she also became a client. She was fascinated with Sharon’s story and eventually the two became close friends. Eventually Audrey became Sharon’s benefactor providing support for her to attend the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology for formalized training and education.



In 2005, a fashion stylist booked Sharon to construct a few pieces for billionaire John Kluge’s third wife, Patricia. Mrs. Kluge presented Sharon with a gift during a fabric shopping trip in New York City; a Vivienne Westwood fashion coffee table book. It was just the inspiration Sharon needed to fuel her entrepreneurial aspirations.

Working as a tailor with a renowned New York City tailoring agency, Sharon gained notoriety working with celebrities such as Julia Roberts, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Oprah Winfrey, Kanye West, Mary J. Blige, Jimmy Fallon, Naomi Campbell, Jennifer Lopez, Lupita Nyong’o, Serena Williams, Whitney Houston and countless others. She has also worked with popular magazines like Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, In Style, Elle ,Essence, Glamour and many more.

Sharon joined the IASTE 764 Wardrobe Union in New York City and gained extensive experience working on several TV and film sets, such as the reality TV show P. Diddy’s “If I Were King”, and NBC’s “The Cut”, hosted by Tommy Hilfiger. It was her experience as a contestant on the show “24 Hour Catwalk” that truly fueled her desire to step out on her own. Despite showcasing masterful tailoring skills and receiving glowing accolades from the judges, she couldn’t get higher than the position of support tailor on the show. After 7 episodes, she called it quits and decided to start her own line. In 2019, her luxury brand “Sharon E. Clarke Collection,” known as “SEC C”, was born.


Signature Style & Design Philosophy

The “Sharon E. Clarke Collection,” or “SEC C” is a luxury brand known for its innovative approach to genderless sustainable apparel and goods that depict both elegance and versatility with a stylish flair.

Sharon pushes the boundaries of fashion and raises the bar to create fun, conversation-starting designs for people who like to stand out from the crowd. Sharon characterizes the brand as ‘The Epitome of Versatility’ and it truly offers something special -- a well-executed point of view, sophisticated-yet-functional designs, and a clear knowledge of classy, chic elegance – that’s perfect for any modern woman's (or man’s) closet. Sharon combines an empathy for the consumer experience with her raw, natural talent for creating memorable designs, often described as ‘luxe fashion that catches the eye and makes you stop and stare.’

Her acclaimed “Puzzle” collection was unveiled during the prestigious London Fashion Week in 2021, and was inspired by Sharon’s vision to create a ‘collaborative design experience’ with her clients. Imagine...premium, luxe ready-to-wear separates that are reversible, detachable and interchangeable, full of bold colors and patterns. Now, imagine detaching one of those interchangeable pieces and swapping a section from one piece to another to create a new outfit. The more pieces of the ‘puzzle’, the more looks a client can create. Every element of this collection can be layered with other items from a client’s existing wardrobe to design even more looks. Her expert tailoring is front-and-center in 15 stunning looks, which showcases her clever use of piping and zippers and features her exclusive SEC C branded logo shirts and shorts.



Sharon does not take her successes for granted and has not forgotten where she came from. She has a goal to generously give back to her hometown of Cambridge by building greenspaces and parks to give the residents a way to enjoy the beautiful outdoors.

The SEC C brand features luxe collections of high-quality pieces made from Sharon’s custom made fabrics. Her uncanny ability to translate basics into statement-making pieces is certainly part of her signature style.

Sharon E. Clarke is positioned to take her place amongst the pantheon of iconic fashion designers she’s worked for and admires. Her innovative design concepts are beautifully executed, enhanced by her versatile use of colors, custom fabrics and impeccable tailoring prowess. With 20 years of fashion industry experience and relentless determination, she has mastered the skills, disposition, and professionalism of a well-rounded fashion designer. Sharon is on the path of exceeding her dream that began long ago as a young girl.